Our Intention


- the quality or state of being calm -

However we choose to move through life, great power lies in finding moments for peace and stillness. The absence of movement requires great strength when you are accustomed to constant action. Find your peace and you will connect with your higher self.


 - the process of making something spiritually
or ceremonially clean -

Cleansing our energy internally and externally allows us to welcome the intentions we wish to claim. Movement, sound, meditation, spiritual practice, and crystal healing are deeply cleansing for our aura. Cleanse your body and mind of the energy you choose to release.


 - the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually -

Ascending to the actualization of our higher self requires transformation in all areas of life. Our growth is the tool that empowers us to ascend higher in mind, body, reality, and spirit. The most powerful motivation comes intrinsically, meaning we must dig deeper within ourselves to reach our full potential.


- the alleviation of feelings of pain or distress -

The journey to a greater life certainly does not come without difficulty. Exploring your deeper truths, passions, and desires, may surface feelings of pain, inadequacy, or guilt. To slow down and welcome comfort in these times is a crucial gift you must accept in order to grow.